2021 Virtual Showroom Promotional Pieces


 Image samples. Click links below to download files. 

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MHGS Virtual Showroom Instagram Graphic Option 1

MHGS Virtual Showroom Instagram Graphic Option 2

MHGS Virtual Showroom Instagram Graphic Option 3

MHGS Virtual Showroom Facebook Graphic Option 1

MHGS Virtual Showroom Facebook Graphic Option 2

MHGS Virtual Showroom Facebook Graphic Option 3

Sample copy for social posts: We're excited to be a part of the upcoming Minneapolis Home + Garden Show Virtual Showroom launching March 13! Check out our information and special show deal here: <insert unique exhibitor enhanced listing link>. Plus, don't miss out on other great local exhibitors to help make your dream home come true. #HomeandGardenShow #HomeandGarden #VirualHomeandGarden

2020 Exhibitor Kit LIVE Show Information (2021 Exhibitor Kit Information coming soon.)

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2020 Show Dates & Hours 

Date                                          Hours               Exhibitor Access

Wednesday, February 26th      12pm-8pm        10:30am

Thursday, February 27th          12pm-9pm        10:30am

Friday, February 28th               10am-9pm         8:30am

Saturday, February 29th          10am-9pm         8:30am

Sunday, March 1st                   10am-6pm         8:30am

Exhibitors can enter the show an hour and 30 minutes prior to daily show hours. 

decorator kit

Show Decorator - Fern Expo
Jessica Mulheron

Show Orders: https://www.fernoneview.com/login

Fern Expo will send all booked exhibitors a direct link/email with login information.  You will not receive this information until you are fully booked in the show. 
*Please check your spam for email

Move-In Schedule:

Click HERE for the Move-In Schedule

move-in schedule map

Move-In instructions:

Exhibitors will be divided into six (6) move-in times over three (3) days. 

Red Zone Exhibitors may NOT move in until Tuesday, February 25. 

Sunday, February 23: HALLS D and E ONLY
9:00 am – 8:00 pm

  • YELLOW ZONE: 9:00 am
  • BLUE ZONE: 1:00 pm

Monday, February 24:
7:00 am – 8:00 pm


  • Yellow and Blue zones can continue to move in: 7:00am
  • NO Orange Zone until 1:00pm

  • GREEN ZONE: 7:00 am start 
  • ORANGE ZONE: 1:00 pm start

Tuesday, February 25:
7:00 am – 8:00 pm: ALL HALLS

  • RED ZONE 1 (full shaded red): 7:00 am start
  • RED ZONE 2 (dashed red area): 1:00 pm start


Move-Out Schedule:

Click HERE for the Move-Out Schedule

move out

Move-Out instructions

Move Out:

  • All booths MUST remain up and fully staffed until show close on Sunday, March 1 at 6:00 p.m.
  • No vehicles are allowed in the halls until all carpet is removed by Fern.
  • Exhibitors wanting to move out all night must make arrangements with Show Management.

Move Out Schedule:

Sunday, March 1    6:00 p.m. – roughly 8:00 p.m.           ALL RED ZONE ONLY

Vehicles are NOT guaranteed to drive onto the floor until a path has been cleared.  Please remember to bring any carts or dollies needed.  All other exhibitors are encouraged to start taking down during this time.

Sunday, March 1        8:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.     Open Move Out
Monday, March 2       7:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.       Open Move Out
*Monday, March 2      *2:00 p.m.                     *All Exhibitors moved out

In an effort to improve the speed of move out, the rear marshalling yard/loading dock area will be blocked off on Sunday, March 1st  for RED ZONE exhibitors only.  All vehicles parking in the loading dock MUST have their vehicles removed by the end of the show on Saturday, March 2nd.  Any vehicles left in the loading dock will be subject to towing.

RED ZONE exhibitors must pick up a RED ZONE parking pass in the Show Office on Saturday, February 29th to park in the marshalling yard on Sunday, March 1st.  RED ZONE exhibitors will be verified by Show Mgmt.  One parking spot is allowed per exhibitor and is first come, first serve basis.

Because multiple exhibitors are trying to move-out at one time, exhibitors ARE NOT guaranteed to be able to drive onto the show floor during the Red Zone move-out.  We make every effort to make this possible, but it cannot be guaranteed.  Please plan accordingly and bring carts or dollies for move-out.

*Exhibits not removed by 2:00 p.m. on Monday, March 2nd are subject to removal and a cleaning fee. Marketplace Events is not responsible for any materials or displays that are left at the building.

badges and tickets

Exhibitor badges will be picked up in the Show Office during move-in. Comp tickets be mailed out prior to the show.

Tickets to the show make great gifts and give you a reason to reconnect with clients, suppliers, vendors, partners and prospects to help them get started on their home and renovation projects. Here are a few ideas on how other companies have distributed tickets across our shows: 

  • Give away tickets on social media – use these tickets to help build your likes and increase engagement on your social media channels. Offer two complimentary tickets to the first 10 people to post on why they need to attend the Home Show this year. Tag a friend and receive a four pack!  Don’t forget to link the Show in your postings! 
         Facebook Event Page: CLICK HERE
         Instagram: homeshowmpls 
         Twitter: HomeShowMPLS 
  • Get in touch with past customers – thank previous customers for their business and mail them complimentary tickets or send an email to customers to respond if they would like complimentary tickets (remind them to come visit your booth when they are at the show). Call top customers and offer to leave the complimentary tickets at will call for them.  
  • In Store – offer tickets to customers, for example, who spend $100 or more and get two free tickets to the show! 
  • Give tickets away at your location or service calls – offer complimentary tickets with purchase or as a leave behind when at their home.  


Submit your job posting HERE!  Job submissions will be posted to the Minneapolis Home + Remodeling Show, St. Paul Home + Patio Show and Minneapolis Home + Garden Show websites.  All postings will be reviewed and approved by the Show before posting.

Job postings will be posted HERE.


For any exhibitor needing to purchase insurance through the show, please click the link below for details.



Each year, the Minneapolis Home + Garden Show awards five exhibitors, each in a different category, for standing out from their competition and peers. The categories for the booth awards are listed below, accompanied by the criteria our panel of judges look for when selecting the winning booth and company. We value all of the hard work our exhibitors put in to create their displays and design their spaces and award those who go above and beyond to put their best foot forward.

Best In ShowRegardless of size, this booth displays the most unique display and design of any other in the show.
Best in Show - 400 SF+
Best booth 400 square feet or larger
Best in Show-  200 SF+
Best Booth between 200 - 399 square feet
Best in Show - 100 SF+
Best Booth between 100 - 199 square feet
Rookie of the YearRegardless of size, this brand new company has taken the initiative to design their space in a manner that truly sets them apart from other new companies.

Things we look for:
• Meeting basic booth standards/expectations – height, signage, flooring, layout, etc 
• Full floor covering (no subfloor, concrete exposed) and quality of floor covering 
• Hard wall display (not mandatory but helps in the presentation of a professional display)
• Signage and signage quality
• No exposed studs or wiring (inside and outside booth)
• Paint and paint quality – taking the time to edge, tape seams, make the paint job look professional
• Wall quality – no visible damage
• Creativity and thought evident in booth design


Promote the show!

Web Buttons:

MHGS20_300x250_ExhibitorPromoCode-SAVINGSClick HERE to download the SAVINGS web button.







Click HERE to download the SAVINGS web button banner.



Want to personalize your promo code and make money?  Click HERE for details on ticket/web button commissions!




Hilton Minneapolis
1001 Marquette Ave. S
Minneapolis, MN 55403

The hotel is conveniently connected to the Minneapolis Convention Center by skyways.

Click HERE to book your room online or contact the Hilton or call 1-888-933-5363 and reference HMG.

Discounted rates:
Single/Double: $105 + tax
Triple: $125 + tax
Quad Rate: $145 + tax

The room block is available until 1/20/20 or until filled.

Parking at the minneapolis convention center 

•    There is NO reserved parking at the MCC. A limited number of weekly parking passes are available for sale in the Exhibitor Services office in the back of Hall D for the marshalling yard behind the Convention Center.
•    IMPORTANT - 1/3 of all available parking passes go on sale Sunday, February 23rd at 9:00am, 1/3 on Monday, February 24th at 7:00am and the final 1/3 on Tuesday, February 25th at 7:00am.
•    Parking passes are only valid during Wednesday, February 26th - Saturday, February 29.
•    IMPORTANT: Parking will NOT be available on Sunday, March 1.  The parking lot will be reserved for the RED ZONE move out only.  All Exhibitors with parking passes MUST remove their vehicles by the end of the show on Saturday, February 29.

general PARKING

A 900-space underground ramp across the street is connected by skyway to the Minneapolis Convention Center. 8,000 additional spaces are within a four-block radius. 

For additional parking options, please see the map of parking ramps and skyways near the MCC:

Spot Hero

spot hero logo

We recommend booking convenient and affordable parking in advance through SpotHero, the nation’s leading parking reservation app.

To reserve your parking spot for the Minneapolis Home and Garden Show, visit the Minneapolis Convention Center SpotHero Parking Page and book a spot with rates up to 50% off drive-up.

New to SpotHero? Click here to download the SpotHero app.


Spot Hero

Food & Beverage Permit Procedures

Short Term Food Permit Application

2020 H&G Short Term Food Permit Procedures


•    Anyone cooking with grease must have a hood above their unit.  The only exception is for displays like the Frying Saucer.
•    Any tabletop cooking or grilling will be allowed as long as our fire alarms are not going off.  As usual, if the Exhibit Hall gets too smoky, then those vendors will be asked to stop until we can properly ventilate that area.
•    Each exhibitor must provide their own hot coal bin and dispose their hot coals before they leave for the day.  The hot coal bin must be stored out of our building (in MCC marshalling yard).
•    If a smoke beam is tripped within the Exhibit Hall, the exhibitor will be required to shut their booth down for the run of the show.


Questions?  Call us at the show office, 612-330-3001. 

Lauren Wallerius, Show Manager
LaurenW@mpeshows.com  952.933.3850 x725 

Danielle Maki, Exhibit Sales Consultant (Alpha J, S-Z)
DanielleM@mpeshows.com 952.933.3850 x726