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Presented by Star Tribune, seven of the most talented landscapers from all over Minnesota will showcase their expertise with “Doorway to Spring” as their inspiration.

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Holm and Olson Landscape Design & Construction

Theme: Bootleggers and Balladeers
The booth celebrates Tennessee’s history of out law bootleggers and country balladeers. The booth features a tribute to the fast cars used to transport the outlawed whiskey. A rustic outdoor kitchen complete with the rusted roof provides a welcome place to rest and enjoy the garden, while our tribute to the classic stars of The Grand Ole Opry is seen throughout the garden in our unique doors and over the air waves. Sit and have a spell in the Holm and Olson Landscape Garden.    


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Landstyle Design & Construction

Theme: Fire Up for Spring

Landstyle Design & Construction Ltd, design team has chosen to highlight elements that are unique to outdoor living areas that opens doors for our clients’ backyards. Designing an outdoor environment goes far beyond just planting flowers and shrubs. It can mean creating a walkout to your patio area, structures enhances your outdoor space, or merging the elements of natural rocks, fire feature, and a water feature.   Minnesota outdoor season is short enough as it is, so we want to create an outdoor environment that enhances the time you can be spending outside.

“Our space will mimic an outdoor environment that is welcoming, relaxing, and a sensible space to entertain,” she says. “Many of our features have multiple uses, like a fireplace that you can cook on and then cozy up to, and unique serving areas to maximize these outdoor spaces.”

We are proud to offer our services in the Metro Area for 50 years.  Landstyle Design and Construction—a full-service landscape company specializing in paver patios, retaining walls, outdoor kitchens, decks, and pergolas—will be offering up possibilities like these and more in their outdoor living display: an outdoor kitchen with an outdoor fireplace, complete with a one-of-a-kind bar.

Landstyle invites attendees to come experience their multi-purpose outdoor space and learn how they can creatively blur the lines between indoor and outdoor living spaces. 

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Mickman Brothers

Theme: Urban Backyard Oasis

“Today is a perfect day for opening a new door”
Author unknown

Step through Mickman Brother’s Studio doors to be inspired as you escape into our Urban Backyard Oasis.

You are invited to experience all the elements; from the tumbling water, the warmth of the fire, the smell of the pines and the colors of the garden. It is a space where the well seasoned and comfortable meet the contemporary and elegant in which we create, “Landscapes for Living”.

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NRD Landscape Design + Build

Theme: Step into your home outside
You’re invited to step into our garden and find inspiration to bring your home outside. You’ve worked hard on making the inside of your home a reflection of your personality and style, now we encourage you to take it outside. Within our display you will find unique elements and imaginative ideas to transform your yard into the outdoor living space you deserve. Springtime will be abundant in our garden, with flowering trees, shrubs and bulbs mingling together with the raw beauty of natural stone, steel and the elements of fire and water; bringing to life a vision of your home outside.

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Oflora Gardens

Theme: Garden Oasis
As a "Doorway to Spring", my garden will provide a colorful feeling of spring in a Thomas Kincaide inspired setting.  A large freestanding rock archway will lead you into the garden, a rare conifer named "Wollemia nobilis" or Wollemia Pine will show off its unique beauty near the archway.  This tree was only known from fossil records until its discovery in 1994 in Southern Australia.  On display a large 10 foot specimen for all to enjoy!  

The garden pathway will lead you to a garden shed made in an artistic fashion.  The building framework will be structured from 10 Weeping Blue Spruce called Slenderina Spruce, all 10 feet in height.  The roof will be a beautiful dark green English Ivy contrasting the blue of the Spruce.  Large 20 foot tall Magnolia will be blooming as experimental 'Hardy' Japanese Maples will be leafing out with golden spring foliage.  Unique doors will continue through the "Spring" display in fence walls, garden shed entry, and exit pathway areas.  You will enjoy the 15 foot dripping water feature that naturally flows from the extended branch of a dead tree.  Continued blooms of Hydrangea, Redbud, Azalea, Forsythia, Tulips and Daffodils will give you lots of "eye candy"! The large 25 foot Hemlock forest will surround you with a woodland inspired peace!

Stonewall, Inc

Stonewall Inc.

Theme: Open Your Door Into Spring

Open your door and walk through into rolling hills accented with one of a kind rock formations with flowers and fir trees cascading over the boulders.