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Seven of the most talented landscapers from all over Minnesota showcased their expertise with “Gardens Through the Decades” as their inspiration.

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Theme: Market In The Park

The excitement of street markets spans the centuries, and now these beloved outdoor affairs are being reimagined by Bachman’s Landscaping & Garden Services, led by Patrick Warden. Open-air tents give way to green walls of lush foliage. Food gets replaced by flowers in a fresh take on the ever-popular food truck. And shoppable inspiration lands itself in the middle of an interactive parkland. Stroll through this immersive landscape of beautiful sights, and watch as modern amenities mingle with traditional markets of times gone by. 

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Bachman’s Landscaping & Garden Services

For more than 70 years, Bachman’s Landscaping & Garden Services has been driven by our desire to help our customers transform everyday spaces into amazing places. We believe that beautiful landscapes are the result of an inspired vision, high quality products, expert designs, and trustworthy execution — so that’s exactly what we strive to provide across our entire scope of services. 

Our Landscape Design & Installation team brings you the award-winning talent of professional designers, horticulturists, and installers — coupled with the quality of Bachman’s-grown plants, trees, and shrubs — in order to makeover your outdoors so you can enjoy a landscape that truly enhances your lifestyle. 

Landscapes love regular attention to keep them looking lush, and when you don’t have the time, we make the time for you. Our creative Garden Maintenance team offers routine maintenance of your landscape and gardens to help your plants, trees, and shrubs thrive. Those same talented professionals can help you celebrate the holidays by refreshing your exterior décor. That means all you have to do is sit back, relax, and take in the beauty of your own backyard from season to season. 

We also offer hands-on guidance through our Garden Coaching team, giving you access to Bachman’s experts who can lend advice on plant care, garden design, installation ideas, and more. 

No matter which service you seek, we make it our priority to help you love your home — indoors and out.

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Holm and Olson Landscape Design & Construction

Theme: 1960s


Holm and Olson Landscaping welcomes you back to the Sixties with our wonderful themed garden.  A contemporary take on midcentury architecture and landscaping brings a Minneapolis Terraced front yard to life.  Check out the Classic VW Beetle parked on the paver driveway.  Stroll through the pathways to see Rhododendrons, Hydrangeas and bulbs in full bloom.  Walk under the birch grove but keep an eye out for your favorite 60’s celebrity waiting to take a photo with you.  Grab a friend and meet by the fire under the pavilion and race your own rubber duckie through our water feature.  Beauty and fun await you as you step back into the Sixties.


Holm & Olson Rendering

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Landstyle Design & Construction

 Theme: Waterfall's of the 60s

We are proud to offer our services in the Metro Area for 50 years.  Landstyle Design and Construction—a full-service landscape company specializing in paver patios, retaining walls, outdoor kitchens, decks, water features, and pergolas—will be offering up possibilities like these and more in their outdoor living display.  Our water feature and fire area will be one of a kind and help you realize your dreams.

Landstyle invites attendees to come experience their multi-purpose outdoor space and learn how they can creatively blur the lines between indoor and outdoor living spaces. 

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Theme: The Next Decade

The Mickman Brothers Landscape Team explores The Next Decade as we dive deeper into the future of sustainable landscaping and the opportunities it can bring.  Our garden display will showcase responsible landscaping and exciting new design trends. These features include permeable pavers, rain gardens, green roofs and more, all incorporated into your residential back yard setting. Mickman Brothers’s display will demonstrate how diverse, responsible landscaping elements can coexist in a hybrid of form and function. 

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NRD Landscape Design + Build

Theme: Mid-Century 1947 -1957      

Our garden will celebrate a landscape that finds inspiration from the Mid-Century modern architecture we admire today. The garden will pay respect to the function needed in today's landscape while showing some restraint in an effort to allow the architecture to shine and not be hidden. Our garden will showcase elegant natural stone walks and patios with clean lines along with both elevated and sunken areas to relax and enjoy the surroundings. we will blend the use of water and fire to highlight different use areas while keeping a "connection" between the two elements. Finally, our overhead structure will showcase our carpentry with clean lines and a creative use of contrast to tie the entire garden together. NRD rendering resized


 Oflora Gardens

Theme: Renaissance Recreated

The visitor will see a formal garden with interesting flair.  A central patio is experienced when you walk the sidewalk through a 100 year old church glass window frame created as an archway.  You will see a second frame archway that allows you to exit the patio as you experience a central iron pot that is the focal point.  This planting around the pot is highlighted with a Blue Alpine Fir hedge that spirals around the container.  Two jumping horse topiaries are seen as you exit one of two exit walkways.
The central patio is framed with natural flagstone walls that have hundreds of hyacinth bulbs blooming as a mass planting of fragrance.  Four topiary street lights [formed from Emerald Arborvitae] create a rectangular center to the circular patio.  Vibrant flower pots are positioned below the topiary lights where they hang.  There are yellow false cypress plants framing both sides of the patio and surrounding the red iron pot as you exit the patio.  Hundreds of red tulips are flowing through the yellow false cypress.  Colors will grab your attention with extreme mass!
At the entry off the main aisle you will see three spiral stone walls that raise to a center apex of 4-5 feet creating a conical center where a nine foot topiary umbrella is formed from a Deodar Cedar tree on each apex.  The curling walls will be accented with 300 white azaleas contrasting with the rustic wall stone.  This area of curled walls flow to a wall of 14 foot weeping white pines that cross the framed archway where you walk under the flowing weeping white pines.  The curve of weeping whites pines end at the main walkway of the Home Show with a 35 foot arching Weeping Douglas Fir that overhangs the Home Show main aisle above your head as you walk under the tree.  This tree invites the visitor into the area of all the gardens.
With many different garden personalities in the garden display, it allows you to experience a new vignette in each corner of the display.  The backside of the display features a strolling walk with a hedge of fastigiate blue spruce framed with 30 ft Emerald Cedar that give the upright exclamation points in the formal garden.  The walkway is lined with a split boulder wall that undulates from a 1 foot height to a 4 foot height framing old English street lights along the path.  Masses of hundreds of yellow daffodils brighten the boulder wall.  The Oflora display offers many garden ideas that can be implemented into the home landscape.  Creative design in this display will tantalize your imagination.


Oflora Rendering

Stonewall, Inc

Stonewall Inc.

Theme: Stone Age

Stonewall inc welcomes and brings you a Stone Age theme. Where you can experience “Real” 1-4 ton limestone boulders. Which will be placed through out garden to retain and decorate rolling hills with many planting areas where you will find flowers and trees. Stonewall inc is a small family owned company that has specialized in boulder retaining walls for 22 years and has also been a part of the home and garden show for 20 years as a featured garden. Proudly serving the twin cities metro area also western Wisconsin. We would like to thank you for your business past and present.