Make a year’s worth of sales in one weekend!

Meet your new customers at the Minneapolis Home + Garden Show. Qualified homeowners attend the show annually seeking helpful advice, solutions and new products for their next renovation, décor or landscape project. 

The Minneapolis Home + Garden Show features high-interest exhibits, high-profile experts and the latest trends to bring in customers who are ready to move ahead with their home improvement projects. 

Booth Rates

Exhibit Space  $19.99/sq. Ft
Main Aisle Premium  $250.00/10' on the aisle
Direct Sell Fee  $200.00/10'x10'
Corner Premium  $250.00/ corner
Exhibitor Listing (mandatory)  $129

Exhibitor Amenities Package


  • Standard pipe and drape (8' high back drape with 3' side drape)

  • Company identification sign (7" x 44")

  • 24-hour security

  • Exhibitor identification badges

  • Exhibitor admission passes

  • Promotion

  • Show Program listing (if contract is received by deadline)

  • Website listing

  • Discounted admission tickets

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