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Bottomless Bird Feeders Collectibles & Gifts LLC

Bottomless Bird Feeders Collectibles & Gifts LLC
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Most bird feeders on the market today have bottoms, the wind, rain and snows cake the food on bottom or sides where birds can’t get to, pretty soon it rots and gets moldy and causes diseases that kill birds, mine don’t. Most people, do not clean their feeders out. As you can see in pictures my feeders do not have bottoms, so when feed get low they just hang from the bottom and eat whatever food is left. 100% maintenance free, no cleaning needed. The top can locks into place so squirrels and of creatures can’t get in and also makes a big loop for you to hang my feeder over branches, trees or even shepherds hook which I highly recommend. I use recycled barn wood for most of my bird feeders which is really popular and trendy, but also last a very long time, being made out of cedar or redwood cedar. Each feeder is individually made, no two are exactly alike.

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