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Massmann Geothermal & Mechanical

Massmann Geothermal & Mechanical
9942 US 10, Suite 102
Elk River MN
Booth: 3421

Company Description:

Geothermal systems use a small amount of electricity to transfer heat to and from the ground to your home. In fact, it can produce three to four units of energy for every unit of electricity used to power the system. Even the best conventional system delivers less than one unit of energy for each unit it consumes. MN home owners typically experience an annual savings of 50 to 80% when compared to ordinary systems especially with the current cost of propane and natural gas!

Massmann Geothermal and Mechanical is the premiere installer of geothermal systems in MN and a leader in the industry in the US. We can help you remove as many as three cars from the road with a geothermal system. Our installations this year will remove 100 metric tons of CO2 alone from the atmosphere!!

Certifications & Awards

Master Geothermal Installer - MN


Five Year Exhibitor