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Dakota Storage Buildings

Dakota Storage Buildings
47809 155th St.
Milbank SD

Company Description:

Our mission is to create high-quality buildings to help you keep your life organized and your valued possessions safe. Our selection includes:

• Pre-built sheds and garages
• Custom sheds and garage
• Pre-built coops and kennels
• Semi-customizable coops and kennels

Whether it's a shed, garage, coop, or kennel, we will help you find the right building for your needs. From selection to delivery or on-site construction, we will walk you through the entire process. You should be delighted by your buying experience and feel good about your purchase — and we'll make sure of it.

Visit our website to learn about The Dakota Difference.

Show Specials:

We offer 0% financing! With credit approval, you can take advantage of our partners featuring an easy application process with 0% interest for 12 months. After 12 months, pay a low, locked-in rate.

New Products

Dakota Storage Buildings offers expertly designed collections offering diverse, high-quality storage solutions to fully customizable sheds and garages and your ideal coop or kennel. You’ll find the right building to meet your needs and stay in budget

Certifications & Awards

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