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the minnesota state horticultural society

Stage Schedule

Wednesday, February 26

2:00pm3:00pmWilliam Dougherty: A Season of Flowering Bulbs, Tubers, and Corms
3:00pm4:00pmJoel Karsten: The Straw Bale Gardens method makes growing vegetables easy and fun!

Bob Dahm: DIY Organic Lawn Care


Thursday, February 27:

2:00pm3:00pmJudy Griesedeick: Understanding Pollinators through the Lense of Photography
3:00pm4:00pmJoel Karsten: The Straw Bale Gardens method makes growing vegetables easy and fun!
4:00pm5:00pmBrooke Sommerfeldt: Wasps, Flies, Moths, and More: What Gardeners Should Know about Pollinator Diversity and Bee Lookalikes

Friday, February 28:

1:00pm2:00pmTheresa Rooney: Humane Critter Control
2:00pm3:00pmJenn Hovland: Growing Succulents and Houseplants with Success
4:00pm5:00pmBob Dahm: How to Install and Maintain Your Bee Lawn
5:00pm6:00pmNick "The Pond King" Needham: Water Features Gaining Popularity


Saturday, February 29:

11:30am12:30pmMichelle Mero Riedel: Garden Photography
12:30pm1:30pmRuss Henry: Backyard Heroes: What You Can Do To Be A Hero To Wildlife Including Bees, Butterflies, Birds, And More In Your Own Landscape
3:30pm5:00pmKoehler & Dramm Institute of Floristry: Floral Design Competition
5:00pm6:00pmLaura Wood and Paul Farrell of By The Woods Custom Landscaping: What goes where? How to pick the right paver and retaining wall for your landscape project


Sunday, March 1:

11:00am12:00pmMatt Ratliff of Ready-2-Fruit Mushrooms: Mushroom Cultivation for the Home Gardener
12:00pm1:00pmLee Bergum of Energy Panel Structures: SIPlify your Lifestyle
2:00pm3:00pmDeck Wars Panel Discussion sponsored by TimberTech Speakers: Chris Tackaberry of Deck City, Jon Brennhofer of Dreamodel, Mark King of Infinite Decks, Tim Brown of PHI Decks and Jim Shull of TimberTech
3:00pm4:00pmMarty Bergland: Seed Starting 101


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minnesota state horticultural society

The Minnesota State Horticultural Society (MSHS) has been cultivating cold-climate gardeners for over 150 years through access to gardening resources, community engagement, educational programs and the award-winning magazine Northern Gardener.

Since 1988, the MSHS program Minnesota Green has served the greening efforts of volunteer gardeners throughout the Twin Cities and the region. Minnesota  Green distributes donated seeds, plants and gardening tools and supplies to community gardens and public green spaces. With its support, gardeners are able to beautify their neighborhoods, grow their own healthy food, and strengthen their communities. 

Started in 2008, the Garden-in-a-Box program was created by MSHS to teach vegetable gardening to kids so they could learn where their food comes from and make healthier food choices. MSHS distributes vegetable gardening kits and offers educational opportunities to community groups serving low-income and at-risk children and families. Garden-in-a-Box reaches participants throughout the state of Minnesota.