Pet Wants Minneapolis

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  We are a local small business that specializes in natural solutions for your pet's health. We deliver your order right to your doorstep (FREE!) anywhere in the Twin Cities Metro. As a small business, customer service and satisfaction are very important to us. Every product we sell is either made in house or our carefully selected and natural to support your pet's health. At Pet Wants, we make our pet food fresh and deliver it right to our customers, so it never goes through distribution or sit on store shelves getting stale. Because our food is fresh, it smells better, tastes better and is at its nutrient peak. We only use the best ingredients so you can be sure your pet is getting the best nutrition. Many pups that have been prone to allergies with national brand foods have switched to Pet Wants with significant positive results like a thicker, shinier coat, no more itching and no more tummy troubles. Need help keeping your pup busy during the winter months? We carry a wide variety of all natural treats and chews. A few of our most popular are our Beef Jerky (single ingredient inside round beef) Treats, Grade A+ Elk Antlers and Beef Cheek Rolls. Stop by and and we can help you find the right treat and chew for your pup! Itchy or Anxious Dog? We make our own line of essential oil Spaw Products. No more chemicals. We have an Anti-Itch Spray to help with pesky allergies, hot spots and dry skin. Paw Wax to keep the snow and salt from irritating your pooch and Calm Balm to take the edge off a car ride or a trip to the groomer. Super Anxious or Arthritic Cat or Dog? We will educate you about the benefits of Hemp (or also known as CBD) so you can make the best decision for your pet. We have been giving our own dog, Maggie, CBD for the last 2 years for her arthritis. She is a black lab/german shepherd mutt dealing with arthritis in her spine and hips. At 11 years old, she is running around again like she used to at 5 thanks to her daily CBD treat. We would love to meet you! Stop by BOOTH #416 or take advantage of 15% OFF your first ONLINE ORDER using code NEW20. Order must be over $30. Order online at: Use code: NEW20 Free local delivery to the Twin Cities Metro. We deliver Monday, Wednesday and Friday every week. Simply place your order by the night before to receive on the next delivery day. Questions? Email Carrie at Always happy to help and give free advice.