BW Company

Booth: 339 has a full line of garage door, bay door, and walk in door Snirt Stoppers.  These stoppers have many benefits. Among these benefits are energy savings from keeping out the cold with an insulated foam core. Snirt Stopper also, as the name implies, keeps out snow, dirt and rain, as well as rodents and insects!  You can get the Bottom Sealer or the Top and Side Sealer, or both!  Snirt Stopper stops air, water, dirt, snow, leaves, critters, bugs and mice by being self-adjusting to gaps as large as 2 (two) inches! The fact is that, over time, the original seals on a garage door can break down and your concrete floor may have shifted, cracked or settled – leaving openings that can cause infiltration problems and cost you money through increased utility costs. In some cases, a rubber lower seal loses elasticity very quickly, meaning a gap can form in minimal time.  An added bonus in our neck of the woods, Snirt Stopper helps to prevent garage doors from freezing to the ground!  Installing Snirt Stopper weatherstripping is Easy! All the hardware needed is included, and it is made to fit perfectly the first time. There is no need to remove your current seal, saving you time and effort in the installation.  A sealed garage is a warm garage, which means a more comfortable home at a lower utility cost.  Snirt Stopper is a Kevlar reinforced material so it will not wear out.  If you are tired of dealing with a dirty and wet garage floor and costly utility bills, check us out at Booth #339, or check out our website, or call us at 800-250-5502. This nifty product is made in the USA!  Just mention our promo code “SNIRT” to receive our show discount. Also note that we will ship it anywhere. Remember, to eliminate light, rain, cold air, leaves, snow, mice and more, get Snirt Stopper!

In line with a secure and well maintained garage with Snirt Stopper, we also offer Lucas Oil Products to pamper the things you value and keep in your secure “Snirt-Stopped“ garage!  Lucas Oil has lubricants, oil and engine conditioners for, not only your everyday car care, but for your hard-working vehicles like heavy duty trucking, agriculture and industrial machines.  For all your toys, Lucas Oil has lubricants, oils, and conditioners for engines that you can trust for your hot rods and classic vehicles, motorcycles, trucks, cars, marine/water toys, snowmobiles, and even for your firearms. Be sure to stop by our Booth # 339  to learn about our products and receive a discount for mentioning our Promo Code “ #1 Oil”.   For more information on these exciting Lucas Oil Products you can also call us at 800-250-5502 or 320-695-2899.

We will be exhibiting at the 2019 Minneapolis Home and Garden Show during the 2nd weekend only.  See you there!