The Garden By The Woods

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78 West 78th Street
Chanhassen, MN 55317
“We are here to guide our customers to the joy, beauty and abundance of nature, we are here to teach them how it can become part of their home.”

-The Garden Mantra Developed to change the concept of what it means to be a garden center, we decided not carry anything and everything. Instead, we carefully thought through the way we really interact with our landscape and developed a program (shown below) that fits the cycle of the seasons and provides the best, most effective products. We provide a strong & wide range of organic alternatives as well as traditional solutions that have been hand picked and tested. Unique and locally grown plant material, kind & knowledgeable staff and a peaceful environment take main stage here. We are proud to provide you... Design and Study Garden Layouts

Educational Resources:
- Idea Center, Soil Testers and Diagnostics, Wide Range of Classes & Educational Experiences Build the Foundation

- Raised Gardens - Vertical Gardens - Hydroponics - Window Boxes - Pottery - Trellis & Garden Structures - Full Line of Organic Soils & Compost - Top Soil Clay & Sand - Correction Amendments

- Paver and Natural Stone Installation Supplies, Coming Soon!!

Accent for Beauty Plant Markers:
- Custom Garden Art & Metal Works
- Classic & Contemporary Concrete Fountains
- Low Voltage and Gas Lighting, Coming Soon!!

- Grow your Garden Organic and Heirloom Seeds & Starters, Annuals & Veggies, Seed Trays & Starter Soil

- Grow Lights for Tropicals - Succulents - Perennials - Trees - Shrubs - Custom Planters - Premium Grass Seed - Sod - Garden Seeders

- Tend your Landscape Full Line of Organic Fertilizers and Amendments - Premium Lawn Fertilizer Programs, Organic & Traditional Growing Supports - Moisture Readers - Watering Equipment Garden Tools & Equipment Cedar, Cypress, Hardwood and Stained Mulch - BULK PICK UP or DELIVERY!

- Protect and Prevent Organic Pest Killer & Repellent (Herbicides & Insecticides) Pest Prevention - Most Effective Deer & Rabbit Repellents! Products for Beneficial Birds, Bees & Butterflies Tree Wrap - Crop Covers

- Harvest and Enjoy your Crop Harvesting - Brewing - Canning - Herb Drying - Infusion Free Range Eggs - Grilling and Smoking Cooking & Preserving Classes - Flower Pressing Spruce Tops - AMAZING Christmas Trees! - Dried Floral & Filler Boughs - Garland - Custom Wreaths & Evergreen Decor Play and Experience the Outdoors Outdoor Rink Supplies! Outdoor Toys & Family Games, Coming Soon!!

Give to Family & Friends Certificates - Gift Sets - Class Passes - Egg Subscriptions