Hire Corporation

Booth: 2923
901 Xenia Avenue South
Golden Valley, MN 55416

Hire Corporation (HiRE) is a local startup company that operates as a mobile application connecting local lawn mowers to local lawn growers. HiRE's mobile application creates a platform for individuals that provide lawn care services to meet homeowners, renters, and landlords who need their lawn mowed. Both the provider and the consumer simply download the app using a phone powered by iOS or Android. The app uses location services and a market driven pricing algorithm to connect consumers with a local lawn care specialist at the most competitive price. Homeowners, renters, and landlords all deal with different life circumstances. The one thing they have in common is that life is extremely busy. Maintaining a neat home exterior can often feel insurmountable during the peak of the grass growing season. Not only does lawn care take away precious free time, but that free time is during the most active and enjoyable months of the year. No longer do any of these individuals need to let that get in their way of participating in summer fun. Using the HiRE app, simply request a lawn cut, and a member of your community will mow your yard on-demand. HiRE provides lawn mowing entrepreneurs with a large network of customers looking for a fresh cut. Door to door advertisements are no longer necessary. Just use the HiRE app to tap into your neighbors looking for you. Through the HiRE app, lawn mowers will get paid quickly and conveniently. The hours are flexible and the customers are just a click away using the app.